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As our mission includes to empower the students with professional competencies for meeting global challenges thus we are more focused towards infrastructure
The Techno Group of Institutions has been acclaimed as one of India 's best equipped institutions for technical education. TGOI offers the finest laboratory facilities required for today's young engineers for learning and application of skills.The TGOI has made its best efforts to ensure that laboratories not only adhere to the BPUT standards but also match up to world-class laboratories of pioneering research. Several laboratories are assigned to each Department at difrent colleges in TGOI to meet the needs of its branch of learning.

The Library at the Techno Group of Institutions, offering the best in progressive as well as traditional learning resources. The Library has been set-up with the aim to encourage independent study by providing different sources of learning that any academician might require. It is the crux of learning at TGOI, catering to the intellectual needs of students, faculty and researchers. In every institutions Library accommodating varied reserves of information, from hard copies to electronic sources. It includes a book bank along with reference books, periodicals, latest Engineering journals, in-house publications, examination papers and related documentation, etc. The Libraries boasts of over 14000 volumes along with a subscription to more than 35 national and 20 international technical and non-technical journals. Along with this, the fully computerized library offers open access internet facilities, on-line journals, e-books, educational CD-ROMs, audio-visual materials and other e-learning resources. The ocean of information and the astounding resources at the LIC can be easily accessed with its comprehensive organization and automated systems.Besides the staff is experienced and friendly, always ready to answer your queries and help you access the various facilities. As for photocopying, printing, emailing, borrowing materials - the Library provides optimal amenities for the same.

The facilities include 700 Core2 Duo computers, running on operating systems, namely Windows XP, Solaris8, Sco Unix and Linux and housed in two large air conditioned laboratories. Through LAN, Linux and Window NT servers connect all the computers. Internet connectivity through a 1Mbps leased line under the aegis of STPI facilitates the students and faculty to obtain materials for study and information. Latest versions of Oracle 9i, MS Office, Visual Studio 6.0, Turbo C++ and Java are available for use. Many more software’s are in the pipeline.

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